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Consult Encompass is your partner in getting your chiropractic practice functioning and performing in a nibble and holistic manner

what we do?

We show chiropractors DC that their practice and their profession have to be in sync. We show DC professionals how to get from good to great and how to have a performing practice on THEIR terms.


What do we provide?

Consult Encompass has one goal in mind for the DC community.  Making your practice the most efficient office that you, the support staff, and your patients will view as a successful location to refer business and build your great brand.


We Learn About You

You are the owner, manager, and chiropractic ambassador in your community,  You are vital to this equation.


Its About Business

Business isn’t supposed to be easy.  It can be if you have the right tools and strategy for success.


Your Business Potential

Understanding how your business functions is half the battle.  We cover the 5 essential elements of every successful business.


Planning Your Success

Your roadmap may be a bit different than the DC practice in the next town.  That difference can help you be successful on your terms.


Innovate, Never Imitate

While we believe that every business has similarities, your business is unique because of your background and your personality.  We guide you through the various topics of successful strategy and planning implementation.


In It For The Long Haul

We are with you every step of the way, from the outset of planning and strategy to business succession, exist strategies, and helping to organize a sound financial future.

We help you answer the most important questions for Chiropractors

We are Ready For Your Future

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