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We show business owners that they are business owners FIRST, and their profession second.

About Consult Encompass

We’d like to start off by telling you WHY we do what we do. Then we will share with you HOW we do it. The WHAT we do will become clear to you. Then the only decision to be made after that is for both of us to decide if WE are a fit to work with each other.



Business Owners are great at their profession. Whether you are a doctor, contractor, attorney or restaurateur, you are great at being who you choose to be. Your schooling made you good at your specific career path. Your PRIMARY focus was on your education to be good at your profession. Being a Business Owner adds an entire level of complexity to your life. We have found that very often Business Owners are great at what they do, but fail to focus and work on their true title: Business Owner. We
believe that when a business owner shifts their mindset to strategic long-term planning as opposed to day-to-day operations, it enables them to maximize and capture their best financial position.


What we do is focus on YOU. We start with the end in mind. What is YOUR Ultimate Goal? Based upon that, we work together to navigate a roadmap to get you there. It really is that straight forward. The strategies we share are for YOU. This has nothing to do with US. We will share with you the consequences of decisions that you’ve already made (and may continue to make) so that YOU may make the changes that will better your business and thus, better your life.


We do this by sharing strategies that enlighten them to make changes, that will enable them to work ON their business. Initiating THIER changes allows them to run more efficiently, operate more smoothly and capitalize financially, on all the sacrifices they’ve made to reach the pinnacle of their successes.

We’ve Got You Covered

Consult Services

Our consulting services encompass all aspects of your business including SOLID: Business Strategies and Planning, Financial Strategies, Business Succession and Exit Strategies

Business Consultation & Strategies

Financial Strategies

Solution Based Strategies

Business Succession

Consult Services

Providing a Well Rounded Team of Resources

Partner, Business Development, Strategic Document Coach

Kristin Kasabucki



Education is extremely important to us. Sharing knowledge to allow others to make choices they may not have known exited is one of our primary goals. We offer Live, Virtual, Online or one on one personal education / consultation sessions guiding business owners with specific solutions and processes, to fulfill their ultimate goal(s).



No need to go outside of Consult to look for solutions to business operational needs when you can access our already vetted Partners who can meet your needs, in achieving your overall business goals.

Managing Partner,
Encompass Group Financial Strategist

Brian Michaud


Clients love Consult Encompass


Our Skills in Business Development

Business Consultation
Business Planning & Strategies
Financial Strategies
Business Succession

From Our Executive Team


Business Consultants and Financial Strategists

Is your business achieving everything you imagined it could? Are you getting the results you looked for in what you offer your clients? Are you growing at the rate you hoped for? Have you accomplished everything you desired and are now stuck as to where to go next? OR are you just stuck and don’t have the time or energy to see what the future holds for you? Trust me… our team has experienced each one of these positions in our careers. The focus and attention we give to our clients is to assist them in fulfilling their Ultimate Goals! To evaluate and analyze areas of their business that may need to improve, that they might not even realize exist.

From The Partners Desk

Consult Encompass brings a cumulative, 114 years of experience and knowledge, for your organization to tap into. Whether it’s building or revising a business blueprint, day to day operational solutions, practice compliance issues, growth opportunities or a succession strategy that needs to be worked through, we have the right opportunity for you.

We look forward to working with you.



THE RIGHT PEOPLE, THE RIGHT PLACE, THE RIGHT PLAN – This is what Consult Encompass brings to the table, especially in the current business environment we are maneuvering. We can guide you through any challenge you may be experiencing or any growth you are looking for! Navigation is key, and why do it alone when you have seasoned professionals joining efforts to bring their talents and knowledge to you. It’s just a phone call away.

Brian Michaud

Managing Partner
Sr. Consultant – Business Strategist, Business Development
Trust Encompass Financial Strategy Consultant

Kristin Kasabucki

Partner, Consult Encompass
Sr. Consultant – Business Strategist, Organizational / Non Profit Mgt. Strategist, Business Development, Strategic Documentation


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